About ANCHI Crystals
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These crystals are very stable. Transference means that certain aspects of the crystals are transferred to what is
placed on the skin, their geo-imprinting transfers focused energy capable of dramatic, accelerated organizing and
optimizing of electrical flow and activity.

Research has documented the remarkable ability of ANCHI Crystals to organize and structure water, providing greater
vitality and more available energy for cellular metabolism. A study conducted at Pennsylvania State University verifies
that the active mechanism of ANCHI Crystals is the field around the crystals. Research conducted in Europe by a team
of physicists explore ANCHI Crystals' positive affect on bio-photons and energy flows in the body.
ANCHI markets and distributes products containing ANCHI
Crystals for use in balancing, organizing, integrating and
optimizing electrical fields. Any product displaying the name
ANCHI Crystals assures the user that this signature natural
resource is present.
Learn more about ANCHI Crystals from Glynda Yoder,
as she introduces them in these videos.
ANCHI Crystals are bringing to the worldwide market an entirely new approach to electrical energy
ANCHI Crystals are a complex matrix of exceptionally pure, exclusive-to-ANCHI
Crystals and gems possessing geo-imprinting uniquely capable of broad spectrum
electrical energy rejuvenation. ANCHI Crystals were formed over one billion six
hundred million years ago at a time when the earth was just beginning to be
birthed in a drama of flowing molten masses. Oxygen in the atmosphere as we
know it is less than 800 million years old and, at the time of ANCHI Crystal
formation, would not become a reality for another billion more years. By contrast,
the Himalayans are only 55 million years old. ANCHI Crystals are some
of the oldest matter on earth.
Formed together as a single community, these ancient
crystals are exceedingly rare. Their geo-imprint, their
particular crystalline signature, is unique. It is this
geo-imprint, through a phenomenon where the crystals
have a templating effect and transference properties, that
creates change in adjacent electrical fields.

Colors of the ANHI Crystals represented: violet blues,
purples, pinks, greens, bright yellow. The textures range
from purple glitter, metallic rose bronze, white feathered
formations, pinks sprays, lavender grey pearls, and vivid
multi-colors. There are over fifty documented kinds of
crystals including tourmalines, lepidolites, beryls, and
topaz. As beautiful as they are, however, their real power
lies in their physics.