ANCHI Specimens
With Signature ANCHI Energy
There have been many requests from ANCHI devotees to
have a specimen, a small ANCHI to carry in their pocket,
or have a piece suitable for jewelry. Many of our
miniatures will make beautiful pendants. If you would like
your ANCHI wrapped please request in the notes of your
order and someone will be in contact.

These offerings are pieces of massive crystalline walls.  
They are as they came from the Earth.

Once the ANCHI Crystal on display is gone, it can never
be replicated.

It has been our pleasure to connect ANCHI Crystals with
the person who will enjoy and benefit from their many
precious Gifts.
ANCHI Miniatures
The Queen`s Cache Collection

A very small area was opened in the mine that held a remarkable treasure of
new energy. Cache is a word meaning buried treasure and valuables. All of
these Crystals are power stone
ANCHIs that carry a new high vibration that
prepares us for the time to come and opens our hearts. The Queen`s Cache
makes us ready so that we are capable of addressing the upcoming changed and
challenges with grace.

The  Queen`s Cache will never be seen again.
The Queen`s Wings
Wing #2
Wing #6
ANCHI Crystals Specimen
The Queen`s Tourmalines
Tourmaline #4
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Queen`s Cache Power Protectors
Tourmaline #5 SOLD

Power Protectors are the dark Crystals directly around the tourmaline generators. They
function as the might companions of the rose rods and amplify the energy they create.

These dark Crystals have great power and diligence in fulfilling their duty to their change.

Power Protector energy is very direct rather than diffused as in gentle the white guardian
of the Queen`s Cache.
Power Protectors are for those seeking strong presence.
Tourmaline Pendant
1" x 1/2"
These ANCHI Crystals are exquisite examples of both natural and polishes.
The natural portrays the beauty of Earth. The polish portrays the beauty of
the Earth combined with the hand of man. Each is distinctive. Each has
properties that serve a purpose. The natural is the undisturbed Divine. The
polish is an achievement that is reached when man joins with Divine
Purpose. As represented in each
ANCHI Crystal.

This new presentation has beauty, elegance, and power. We wish you to enjoy.
Queen`s Herald
A Herald is an official messenger bringing news. It is also a
person or thing viewed as a sign something is about to
happen which many of us sense. This wonderful Queen`s
Herald combines the two. It bestows the official broadcast
of Joy and Thanksgiving, It also creates an atmosphere of
all good things to come. Its presence calls and helps to
remain at higher states during difficult as well as peaceful
times. She is a source of stability and well being. When it is
needed most.
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3 3/4" x 2" x 4 1/2'
2 lbs 10 oz
Queen`s Chancellor
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Queen`s Chancellor holds the Queen`s Power and
Authority. Chancellor is the Queen`s highest executive.
This Crystal has been given the Right to Command. It is
excellent for assigning a task to fulfill.

It has the ability to destroy obstacles. It creates
achievements. Those who wish to bring specific
objective into reality will find this ANCHI capable of
implementing the goal. The goal may be personal or
large scale. Be prepared for change.
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another view of Queen`s
9 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 8"
11 lbs
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Queen`s Chancellor
Queen`s Cache Miniatures
#41 SOLD
1" x 1"
#301 SOLD
#303 SOLD
#309 SOLD
#311 SOLD
#315 SOLD
#319 SOLD
#321 SOLD
#331 SOLD
#339 SOLD
#345 SOLD
#347 SOLD
#349 SOLD
High Achiever
Queen`s Wing SOLD
#103 SOLD
#113 SOLD
#117 SOLD
#100 SOLD
#102 SOLD
#119 SOLD
#118 SOLD
#104 SOLD