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Kinds of Relationships with ANCHI Crystals
  • Customers who buy for personal use. When you buy an
    ANCHI product with no intention of creating revenue, it
    is yours to use, share, and explore possibilities as you
    like. It is yours to enjoy.

  • Customers who purchase to resale to others: Practitioners,
    stores, spas, healers, distributors are examples of those in
    this category who contact us to establish this type of

  • Customers who want to use ANCHI Crystals incorporated in
    some aspect of their commercial ventures or inventions. These
    customers require a licensing agreement before they can
    use ANCHI Crystals. Buying ANCHI Crystals does not
    give the right to use in or with your idea or endeavor
    without permission. It is necessary to obtain a licensing
    agreement to have the legal right to use.  
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