ANCHI Jewelry
Wire-Wrapped ANCHI Jewelry
Guarantee: 90-day guarantee on all ANCHI Wire Wraps.  
After 90 days there is a $25 re-wrap charge.
Wire wrapping is like handwriting. Each artist has a distinct way of expressing their talent to support the
beauty of ANCHI Crystals. ANCHI uses several different skilled experts to create a
variety of styles to express the uniqueness of each and every personal ANCHI pendant. They contribute
greatly to the distinction of owning a one of a kind piece of functional ANCHI jewelry that bestows the many
benefits of the ANCHI field.
The ANCHI Shards selected for jewelry answer the need to be in continual contact with the ANCHI FIELD in the
pleasing context of wearing a unique ANCHI that is only yours. Every ANCHI carries and connects to the ANCHI
Field. However, within the ANCHI Community, individual stones contribute their own personal message. They
remain as constant instruments to enhance your well being throughout life's challenges and opportunities - Please
Enjoy and see "Is this your ANCHI?
If this ANCHI Pendant could speak to all that saw her, she would bestow many blessings and encouragements.
For the one who wears the Empress is given great opportunities of personal gains in their emotional, mental,
and spiritual lives.

They will become like the pendant they wear. Strong but wise. Self confident but without judgement of others.
Clear in their thinking without demanding others agree. These are the traits of one who has risen above the
lesser to become the transcended Master.

The ANCHI Crystal is an inch and a half long.  The front looks like white jade in its natural state. The reverse
side appears as green jade in its natural state. The crown is highly polished.

The Crystal is encircled on a heavy silver circle custom made to exactly fit her form.  The artist hand textured
the front. The smooth silver on the reverse is stamped with the silver weight .925, and the personal signature of
the silversmith Richii Jai. The finishing touch is the 24 inch woven silver cord that compliments the Empress.  
The total weight of the piece is 3.2 ounces (92 grams).

She reminds her chosen Beloved to remember that their true essence is as she.
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All ANCHI Crystals Pendants come with a Free chain.